"I welcome your support in my campaign for Judge of Dallas County Probate Court #3. Let's take this journey together 4 justice in our county!"
Bring About The Change We Need

********PRESS RELEASE*****


PO Box 223
Cedar Hill, TX 75106

Margaret Jones-Johnson is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas and judicial candidate for Judge of Dallas County Probate Court No. 3. She has seventeen years of experience practicing law before the probate courts, inclusive of sports & entertainment, personal injury, adult and juvenile criminal cases. Margaret is the only candidate for Probate Court #3 with experience in all areas of law covered under that probate court and has not been deemed disqualified to serve as judge by any organization. With experience, she has a perspective on the current functions of the court and ways to improve with fresh, innovative ideas. With a team of dedicated and hard-working volunteers she has launched an aggressive campaign to achieve her mission because Dallas County is ready 4 a change.

What distinguishes Margaret from her opponent?

March 31, 2010, Margaret was inducted as a fellow of the Dallas Bar Foundation. Fellows of the Dallas Bar Foundation are Dallas attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their legal careers and in their civic contributions. This recognition represents a special honor and is a tangible example of her dedication and commitment to service, education and philanthropy that sets her as a profession apart from all others. She has advocated for the mental and physically disabled throughout her career. She is a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar, the United States District Court Northern District of Texas, United States Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Texas, State Bar of Texas, The Pro Bono College of the State Bar of Texas and is the recipient of numerous scholarships and community awards from school districts and the community.

Every litigant will be treated with dignity and respect in Probate Court #3 by upholding principles:

  • 4 Integrity and Programs encouraging family preservation
  • 4 Fresh ideas utilizing technology and Dedication in helping the mentally ill and veterans of Dallas County

She has recently received endorsement from Dallas County District Attorney, Craig Watkins and several others. This support indicates their agreement that she is the best-qualified candidate to bring about the change we need.